Prototype Fund & Friends Meetup

Sophia Schulze Schleithoff

You have ideas? We have cash! The Prototype Fund is an Open Source Software innovation program funded by the German Ministry for Education and Research - we're here to meet people we funded or will fund in the future, chat about Open Source and answer all the questions you have about your application! Whether we know each other or not, come say hi!

This session is intended as an informal meetup for past and future projects of the Prototype Fund and everyone who wants to discuss various aspects of Free and Open Source Software funding. 

The Prototype Fund has funded around 300 Open Source projects since 2016 - we still have a few funding rounds ahead of us and are looking forward to meeting anyone interested applying for the fund, using projects we have supported or simply exchanging around the topics of Free and Open Source Software and funding.

If you consider applying or don't know how to get funding for your software project, come and ask us any questions you may have! This is also a great opportunity to meet people we have funded in the past and learn from their experience (if we have funded your project, come say hi!).

We are also particularly interested in conversations about funding Open Source Software. What kind of support do developers and communities around them need the most? What tools should be supported by funders? What would a better version of the Prototype Fund look like?

About us: The Prototype Fund is a funding program of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) that is managed and evaluated by the Open Knowledge Foundation Germany.
Individuals and small teams (of freelance coders, hackers, UX designers and more) can receive funding in order to test their ideas and develop open source applications in the areas of Civic Tech, Data Literacy, IT Security and Software Infrastructure. We aim to keep innovation processes as well as infrastructures open and accessible.

In order to be as inclusive as possible the official language for the session is English - however as it is an informal meetup format, German is ok with us too.