Puzzling Places - Collaborative 3D Jigsaw Puzzling in Mixed Reality

Daniel Sproll

VR is isolating? It doesn't have to be! In Puzzling Places you can jigsaw puzzle 3D scans of beautiful places from around the world - together with a friend or stranger! Get a taste of what collaborating on a shared virtual object can feel like during a playful and relaxing puzzle break!
Mixed Reality
Off Stage
Ein lachender Avatar im HIntegrund setzt ein 3D Puzzle Stück auf eine mittelalterliche Festung. Im Vordergrund hat eine stylisierte Hand ein anderes Stück des Puzzles in der Hand, darüber steht Puzzling Places.

Puzzling Places reimagines one of the world's most beloved pastimes for VR: jigsaw puzzles!
Put on a headset and turn the 3D puzzle pieces pieces floating in front of you into a detailed 3D miniature diorama. Each puzzle is created from a 3D scan of a real world place with an immersive soundscape that comes to life as you progress. But you don't have to do this alone - instead you'll collaborate with a friend or stranger, passing around pieces and enjoying the wonderous feeling on working on a shared virtual figment right there on the re:publica showfloor! The perfect little break from the convention chaos.