re:think the potential of Artificial Intelligence for a Circular Economy – Startup Pitches & Panel

Bianka Rieder, Dina Padalkina, Jonathan Moore, Alexander Balas, Roman Lipski, Mi-Ra Tai

How will AI impact the future of the Circular Economy? N3XTCODER, BSR, Berlin Recycling, Berlin Partner and re:publica have joined forces to spotlight the most innovative AI startups in the Circular Economy over a 6-month Innovation Programme. Don't miss the chance to see the winners of our Hackathon Session and meet numerous industry experts!

Join us for an insightful public pitch and jury session at re:publica 2023, marking the conclusion of an enlightening Hackathon Session centered on the application of Artificial Intelligence in the Circular Economy. This session is a highlight of our six-month Innovation Programme, a collaborative effort between N3XTCODER, Berliner Stadtreinigung, Berlin Recycling, Berlin Partner and re:publica.

Several selected projects will present their unique approaches to waste management in a Circular Economy. Each of them, differently, showcase the potential of a hands-on approach to spark innovation, transcending traditional business boundaries and driving transformation from the outside in.

Take the chance to meet a diverse mix of tech enthusiasts, social entrepreneurs, and industry experts who have worked together to identify, support, and enhance promising AI solutions. These solutions are all geared towards accelerating the transition to a Circular Economy, with a strong emphasis on Open Source and Open Data initiatives. This collaboration forms the basis of our Open Innovation Impact Programme, designed to encourage collective knowledge sharing and innovation.

The session, as part of N3XTCODERS "Innovate by Doing!" philosophy, will culminate in the selection of three winning projects, each contributing in their own way to the future of waste management in the Circular Economy. We aim to increase awareness and engagement around sustainability, zero waste and similar approaches, highlighting the role AI can play in achieving these goals. We look forward to sharing this journey with you.

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