rp:FAROFA [Where Beach Vibes Meet Democracy Drive] rethink Democracy, Cooperation & Care from cushions

Laura Sobral, Ricardo Ruiz Freire

FAROFA is a cosy and open space that welcomes everyone. Strike up conversations, relax on cushions while listening to music, and enjoy some snacks. A blend of a picnic and a round table, this is the place to exchange thoughts and experiences about "Caring for Democracy" while having a great time.
at Makerspace
Off Stage

FAROFA is a welcoming space for relaxed conversations and meaningful interactions. Our re:publica theme, 'Caring for Democracy,' invites guests to explore topics related to community care and democratic governance practices. It's a place to kick back, unwind, and engage in or spontaneously propose thought-provoking discussions.

FAROFA offers an oasis atmosphere created with cushions inspired by Brazilian beach culture, where families who live far from the coast go for a day of relaxation by the sea, bringing along everything they need for a perfect day out—food, drinks, music, and more. 'Farofa' is the name of a must-have dish for such occasions: fried cassava flour enriched with other ingredients, such as bacon, garlic, and banana. Relatably, FAROFA invites participants to bring additional ingredients that can add to the vibe.

FAROFA is an ongoing urban intervention by Laura Sobral that has taken place in cities like São Paulo, Mexico City, Madrid, and Berlin since 2015. This edition of FAROFA was created in collaboration with Ricardo Ruiz and brought to life for re:publica together with Arthur Kim Shum.

Cushions, conversations, and care: dive into FAROFA and let democracy take center stage!