Shifting the economics of misinfo: How proactive approaches could tip the scales in our favor

Scott Carpenter

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As misinformation continues to present a challenge to our societies, and generative AI raises new questions, Scott Carpenter, Managing Director of Jigsaw, will discuss how proactive interventions can effectively address a range of harms.

Misinformation plays a role in many challenges our societies face today, from violent extremism to conspiracy theories and election integrity. Its online virality thrives off outrage, often lingering long after proven false. With the compounding impact of generative AI, the outlook can seem even bleaker. Google’s Jigsaw has proven effective at designing interventions that take a proactive approach to addressing a wide range of harms — both online and offline.

Scott will discuss Jigsaw’s approach to information interventions, their opportunities and challenges, and how we might still be able to tip the scales in favor of a safer internet.

Scott Carpenter
Managing Director