State of the Art of Design and Artificial Intelligence

Sebastian Löwe

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For most creatives artificial intelligence is still a mystery. The talk aims at informing creatives and shedding light upon the vast field of design with and for AI.

2022 has been an exceptional year for creatives and designers. A variety of AI-based tools shook the world of creation. The conviction that creative tasks are going to be automated late in the game, was discarded for good. The fast development of generative AI pushed the boundaries of creative work, but also brought about new ethical questions and conundrums. To most creatives and designers, AI is still a mystery. For them to take part in societal debates and action in designing with AI, they need an understanding of how AI-based tools change the way we design. The talk aims at shedding light upon the vast extent of design and AI. Starting with a brief introduction of what AI can do, the talk focuses on two main areas: AI for design, as well as design for AI. Using many visual examples the talk lays the foundation of an understanding of the technology and its ramifications for the design world. The talk ends with comments on a new intelligence design concept and ethical remarks.

This image shows professor Sebastian Loewe.
Professor Design Management