Tyranny of the minority: how radical minorities threaten our free society

Daniel Ziblatt

How can we succeed in protecting democracy from radical minorities that undermine, destabilise and even threaten to destroy it from the inside? Political scientist Daniel Ziblatt warns against the rise of authoritarian forces and calls for urgent democratic reform.
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Daniel Ziblatt, co-author of the bestseller »How Democracies Die«, uses the USA as an example to show how forces emerge that shake the foundations of our democratic principles and pave the way for authoritarian tendencies. He describes the great paradox of Western democracies: namely that inclusivity and diversity often generate exclusionary counter-movements. This makes it clear that democracy has now come to a crossroads and must be reformed if it is not to degenerate into the rule of the minority. The future of democracy is at stake not only in the US elections in 2024, but also in Germany, Europe and the rest of the world, given the rise of the AfD and other right-wing populist parties.

Profilbild von Daniel Ziblatt
Professor für Regierungswissenschaften