Who really really wants to be a millionaire? - The ironic Trivia Quiz Show to test your potential to become filthy rich

Fabian Mrongowius, Bettina Bestgen

From Bitcoin to Benjamins and Marx to Monopoly, this is your chance to meet some fellow RP23 participants in our crazy game show that is all about money and morals. We're talking real buzzers, pun-filled quizzes, and a range of silly challenges that'll put your trivia knowledge to the test - and your character. Do you have what it takes to be rich?
Off Stage

Are you ready to test your skills to make it to the top? Featuring real buzzers, silly challenges, and a fantastic prize and hosted by our seasoned game master Fabian, this is the ultimate opportunity to learn new things about how money rules the world and meet new people at RP23!

During three exciting rounds, you'll team up with strangers to put your money trivia skills to the test. Who is the greedy Disney character that owns their own treasure? What Berlin club shares its name with a place to store money? Who can name the most currencies in 60 seconds?

Your game host Fabian started his virtual Game Shows Label "The Last Conference Call Before The End of the World" during lockdown in Corona -and is now excited to offer an exclusive show at RP23! As with becoming rich, first rule is to take from others as spots are sparse: Please arrive early to avoid disapointment. The show will last around one hour and all items will be provided. Sharpen your calculators, and get ready to embark on this journey of money trivia!