You Destroy. We Create | The war on Ukraine's culture

Gayatri Parameswaran, Felix Gaedtke

“You Destroy. We Create” takes you on a 25-minute immersive journey through the war-torn country, where artists and professionals from the cultural sphere are busy protecting, rebuilding and creating art.
Mixed Reality
Off Stage

What happens when museums can no longer show their collections, instead need to hide them? What does it mean to be a street artist when your city is being bombed? What does it take to be a musician when your country is under attack?

Since the start of the war, civilian deaths have mounted to over 6,000 and over 7 million have fled the country, resulting in Europe’s largest refugee crisis since World War II. Another major casualty of the war has been art & culture. According to UNESCO, by November 2022, over 200 sites of cultural significance have been damaged across the country. This includes monuments of historical importance, museums that house significant art collections, institutions that are home to intangible cultural heritage such as theatres etc.

This topical journalistic piece uses a combination of 360°/180° stereo videos, drone footage, photogrammetry scans and CG animations to bring you an emotionally engaging, urgent human story.


Das Bild zeigt einen Mann mit Glatze und gepflegtem Bart. Er trägt ein hellblaues Hemd mit Knöpfen und steht vor einem unscharfen, natürlichen Hintergrund. Der Mann hat einen ruhigen und selbstbewussten Gesichtsausdruck und schaut direkt in die Kamera. Das Bild ist gut beleuchtet, wodurch die Gesichtszüge des Mannes klar zur Geltung kommen.
Director & Producer