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Julia Kleeberger (Dr.) is the managing director of the social enterprises Form21 GmbH and mycelia gGmbH as well as being Co-Founder and shareholder of the non-profit company Junge Tüftler*innen with the TüftelLabs.

With a background as Design Strategist for Business Innovation at a Dax corporation, her work focuses on learning through comprehension (playful learning) and the acquisition of important competencies (future skills) for participation in a digital society.

As a social entrepreneur and expert for new and participatory learning formats, she dedicates her work and energy to rebuild the education system with an entrepreneurial mindset and advocates for a fundamental transformation of the education system with courage and commitment.


Revolution im Bildungssystem: Kompetenzen statt Noten durch Open Educational Badges

Franzi Schmid, Julia Kleeberger, Mario Pesch, Arne Klauke

Schule hält nicht mit dem Fortschritt der Welt mit. Lernende erwerben in non-formalen Settings relevante Futureskills. Um diese wertzuschätzen und abzubilden nutzen wir Open Educational Badges, welche standardisiert und anschlussfähig sind - lebenslang.
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