Koffi Dodji Honou

Dodji Pict
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Onomo Hotel photographer

Fablab and MakerSpace specialist, Dodji is passionate about ICT, digital manufacturing and the Makers movement. He has developed valuable knowledge in the implementation, management, and optimization of Fablab in West Africa. Winner of several international awards with the first FabLab in Togo, Dodji now specializes in the educational potential of FabLabs in teaching and learning subjects such as physics, engineering, robotics, art, mechanics, electronics, etc.
In 2021, he co-founded the H-FABLAB, a fablab that promotes learning by doing and DIY based in Ivory Coast.
Dodji is convinced that the communities of international and African makers can greatly contribute to reshaping, and improving the teaching and learning experience in African education systems. This, by promoting the methods and philosophy of learning by doing"