Gertrude Goh

Programs Lead
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Gertrude currently serves as the programs lead for the Africa Makerspace Network, a non-for-profit organization that brings together makerspaces for capacity building and collaboration on building a sustainable Africa. She also serves on the African Hair Stories Research Project as a research assistant and project manager. She has over the years gathered experience in marketing, corporate social responsibility, public relations, research, event organization and project management.

In areas of volunteerism, Gertrude has served in the operations department of the Ghana Reconstruction Anomaly Trust Fund (GRAFT Foundation),  and presently serves in the administrative department of Pat & Partners International, a non-governmental organization which supports abandoned babies, street children and maternal health.


Maker Community Exchange

Kirstin Wiedow, Gertrude Goh, Fadia Elgharib, Tom Hansing, Jessica Guy, Rahim Md Abdur, Antonio de Jesus Anaya Hernandez

A meeting between networks of community networks supporting makers, makerspaces and hubs. Money can take a wide range of shapes, sizes and forms. We are meeting like-minded individuals to exchange knowledge and share the different mix of assets which are the social and natural capital that feeds the physical and financial capital of a community.
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