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Vortrag Sider Conference Kiel, Augmented Reality Experience im Test
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Sider Conference Kiel

Nadine Kolodziey is a visual artist working in the field of XR/AR based in Frankfurt and Berlin. She works at the intersection of digital and analog with the goal of creating experiences rather than images. Her work is digital, handcut, melted or sometimes made into a walkable environment. Graduated as Master of art and design at HfG Offenbach, Kolodzieys work is dedicated to the field of visual research. Materials such as plastic and pixels are combined to create work that invites the visitors to participate and engage with it. She’s interested in new challenges, deep-diving in AR, and doing big-scale installations as well as projects in Japan in the future.

Kolodziey worked for clients like Apple, Google, Youtube, Page and die Zeit. 2017 Wallpaper magazine selected her as one of the graduates of the year. In 2018/19, as creative resident for Adobe, she explored the field of AR and showcased her work as urban AR campaign for the Apple behind the Mac Project 2021. She is a teacher for contemporary illustration at HfG Offenbach am Main since 2018.




Marc Wicht, Nadine Kolodziey

Novum 2024, augmented reality landscape from the past into the future.

Novum 2024 opens up a view of a parallel digital world. This augmented reality landscape, can be explored playfully and interactively. The main focus of the work is the question of how digital narratives change our perception of
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