Alice Yuan Zhang

Media artist, researcher, and educator
Alice holds a knowing expression as she lies on a bed of soil, surrounded by grass, reflective surfaces, and mystical red-white air
Foto/Bild Credit
Zeus Tipado, directed and edited by Alice Yuan Zhang

Alice Yuan Zhang 张元 (she/her) is a Chinese-American media artist, researcher, and cultural organizer. Her transdisciplinary practice bridges the bitsphere and biosphere, working to empower and heal alongside marginalized communities through ancestral remembering, interspecies pedagogy, and networked solidarity. Alice is a research resident at 0xSalon, founding steward of virtual care lab, and past resident artist at CultureHub. She has previously taught Media Studies for Performance at Sarah Lawrence College, facilitated the Digital Matterealities study group at NAVEL LA, and hosted many other learning engagements across major public institutions as well as grassroots cultural spaces.