Busayo Morakinyo

Lead, FollowTheMoney International
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Busayo OluwaDamilare Morakinyo (BOM) has an unsullied passion for Nation Building and Social impact. He believes civic responsibility is an integral part of National Development and encourages citizens' participation through his Pan-African engagements.

As a two time TEDx speaker, I have mastered the art of storytelling as a means of shining more light on my several practical experiences that border around grassroots mobilization, engagement, training and most importantly, research.

I lead a team of over 40 young Nigerians and 10 others across Africa(Gambia, Kenya, Malawi, Liberia, Cape Verde, Ethiopia, Cameroon, South Sudan, Zimbabwe and Nigeria), growing a network of active citizens holding their various governments to account, advocating, tracking, engaging and empowering their communities through information sharing, capacity building and policy influencing to curb institutional corruption in the quest for social accountability, democracy and good governance