Lydia Matte

Country Director
Lydia  Matte
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Lydia Matte

Lydia Matte is a Ugandan lawyer with over 13 years of experience in legal, democratic accountability. She currently serves as the Director for SEMA in Uganda, a social enterprise that aims to increase transparency and accountability of public service institutions by providing citizens with various platforms( including locally made feedback devices) to give meaningful feedback that in turn improves public service delivery. She previously worked in one of Uganda’s top law firms where she worked in different capacities: as a Legal Associate and eventually as a compliance officer.

SEMA was privileged to be one of the winners of the African Union CivicTech Fund in 2022. With the grant money, SEMA is testing new technologies to ensure that more citizen friendly tools are developed. 

Lydia is also one of the 2021 global accountaprenuers for the Accountability Lab (a global trans-local network that makes governance work for people by supporting active citizens, responsible leaders, and accountable institutions).