Mathew Lubari

Co-Founder & Executive Director at Community Creativity For Development (CC4D)
Mathew sited infornt of CC4D Bright Makerspace/Repair Café Center
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Mawa Robert

Mathew is an advocate for digital literacy, repair activism, and sustainability. He has been a featured speaker at #Fixfest2022 in Brussels, and a Fellow of The Maintainers Movement Fellowship program 2023.
His insights, rooted in his role with Community Creativity for Development (CC4D) - Ugandan and South Sudanese based #ASKnet hubs, offer a unique perspective on technology, environmental impact, and community empowerment.

Mathew Lubari is a dedicated advocate for positive change and empowerment through digital literacy, repair activism, and sustainability. As the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Community Creativity for Development (CC4D), a refugee youth-led organization in Rhino Camp, Uganda, he actively works to empower marginalized youth.


Understanding the Right-to-Repair Movement in the Global North and Global South

Mathew Lubari, Ugo Vallauri, Irene Agrivina Widyaningrum, Steffi Lemke, Felipe Schmidt Fonseca, Sarah Prien, Geraldine de Bastion

Exploring Right-to-Repair: Bridging perspectives in the Global North and South on empowering consumers, promoting sustainability, and confronting challenges in accessing repairability for electronic devices and equipment. #RightToRepair #GlobalTech
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