Theresa Schubert

president and everything
Portrait of Theresa Schubert with video projection behind
Foto/Bild Credit
Claire Lessire / BOZAR

In an aesthetic between alchemy and science fiction, Theresa Schubert’s acclaimed artworks question anthropocentrism and enable alternative visions and/or new sensory experiences. Schubert is a Berlin-based artist, researcher and curator exploring unconventional visions of nature, technology and the self. She holds a PhD in Media Art from Bauhaus-University Weimar. Her practice combines audiovisual and hybrid media to conceptual and immersive installations or performances. That includes organic matter and living organisms, algorithms and artificial intelligence becoming part of the artwork not just as material but meaningful co-creators. More recently, she works with immersive video environments and 3D Laser Scanning to challenge modes of perception and question the human-machine relationship in hypertech societies where the nature-culture divide seems to dissolve in the digital Schubert is a member of the Berlin female artist network SALOON and medienkunstverein Berlin. Her work has been awarded with an Award of Excellence at the Japan Media Arts Festival 2022, a Prix Ars Electronica Honorary Mention (AI & Life Art 2021), a STARTS Prize 2021 Honorary Mention amongst others.