Christina Lee

Christina Lee
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Christina Lee is a writer, editor and researcher originally from the United States and living in Berlin, Germany. She is the editor-in-chief of feminist cross-border newsroom Unbias the News and head of publications at, an award-winning international network that helps journalists easily collaborate across borders. In 2019, she was editor-in-chief of the book Unbias the News: Why Diversity Matters for Journalism, a collaboration between Hostwriter and 40 international journalists, published by Hostwriter and Correctiv. She has a JD in US American law and an LLM in international law and has worked at NGOs throughout the US and Europe focusing on issues of migration and minority rights. In 2016, she co-founded the website Migration Voter with Miriam Aced to examine the role of migration in elections and offer an alternative source for people frustrated by vague and confusing coverage of migration and elections. She speaks at events in Europe and internationally on the topics of cross-border journalism, misinformation, feminism and migration. 

How a technical lens on representative journalism empowers everyone - from the underestimated to the unvaccinated

Hadjar Benmiloud, Nour Khairi, Linda A. Thompson

Everyone is aware that the old media model is broken, but what’s representation got to do with it? In this panel, Hadjar Benmiloud (founder, Vileine Academy), Linda A. Thompson (co-founder, The Friendly Freelancer) and Nour Khairi (founder, Kweers of the Nile) introduce a new way to level up media that can respond to complex crises.
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