Shaked Spier

Ph.D. Candidate
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Shaked is a Ph.D. candidate in Ethics and Technology at the Department of Philosophy, University of Twente. He's a member of the 4TU.Centre for Ethics and Technology and research fellow at the Institute for the Cooperative Digital Economy, The New School, NYC. Shaked's dissertation looks at the ethical and political aspects of the digital economy (especially the platform economy and sharing economy), focusing on democratic and alternative models such as platform cooperatives.

Additionally, Shaked is a spokesperson of the workgroup on internet and digital policies, digital society, and digital rights (BAG Netzpolitik) in DIE LINKE (the German left party).


Do Digital Platforms Have Politics? Making Airbnb’s Ethics and Politics Visible

Shaked Spier

The notions of digital ethics, ethics by design, etc. raise fundamental questions: What does it mean to embed values in technology? Where and how do we find them? Do technologies actually have politics?
My research uses technical investigations and philosophical analysis to make the ethics and politics of digital platforms—as technologies—visible.
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