Call for Participation for #rp22

06.12.2021 - Submit your ideas starting 13 December 2021!
Save the Date

The time has come again! We are giving your ideas, topics, projects and visions you care about a place in the re:publica programme. The Call for Participation for re:publica 22 starts on 13 December 2021: Save the Date!

Shape the programme of rp22 with your input! You can submit your ideas for the following four festival areas:

rp22 Festivalbereiche Conference

The re:publica conference programme includes everything that takes place on our stages: From panel discussions and lectures, interviews and fireside chats to readings, lecture performances and much more.

rp22 Festivalbereiche Hands On

From hardware workshops, free DIY, tinkering, gardening with robots, live biohacking or TikTok dance tutorials: all sessions about making, getting involved and learning will have their place here.

rp22 Festivalbereiche Off Stage

Flash mob, field test, installation, exhibition, concert, pop-up happening, science talk & walk, guided tours, cabaret, augmented reality applications, water ballet and whatever else you can think of to fill the #rp22 grounds and help shape our Off Stage programme—artistic, activistic, scientific, technologic, informative.

rp22 Festivalbereiche Nightlife

No festival would be complete without music, dancing and partying. We are looking forward to musicians, DJ sets, karaoke organisers, producers of musicals and everyone who wants to celebrate #rp22 together with all participants and turn night into day.

The motto: Any Way The Wind Blows 

Anyone who has ever attended re:publica knows that the festival always ends with the celebratory and collective singing of Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody". 
"Any Way The Wind Blows" is the last line of this song. In the search for a motto with which to celebrate the first re:publica, where we will finally be together again after two years of separation, the idea of symbolically picking up where we left off with this motto suddenly seemed as obvious to us as it did emotionally. Because, quite honestly, we are so looking forward to seeing you all again! 
The new location on the grounds of Arena Berlin promises a great new beginning. Located on the river Spree, a breeze is omnipresent. "Any Way The Wind Blows" also describes chance and life in its unpredictability and thus fits perfectly as a theme for our programme. It reminds us to be humble when faced with a loss of control, but it also encourages us and promotes optimism. No wind can blow away all those issues that are on our minds, over and over again, and we will face them at rp22.


The Call for Participation ends on 06 February 2022 (23:59 CET).

The Call for Participation for the Off Stage Programme ends on 06 March 2022 (23:.59 CET).

We are looking forward to your submissions—starting 13 December 2021 on our website.

Further information will follow shortly.