The motto auction at #rp23

01.06.2023 - Going once, going twice and... to the third! In this year's motto activity, you can bid for re:publica objects for a good cause.
Glasvitrine mit Auktions-Gegenständen auf der #rp23
Photo Credit
Stefanie Loos/re:publica

With the motto CASH, we negotiate the topic of money from multiple perspectives. We look at inequalities, fraud and rip-offs, but also at markets, funding initiatives and new payment concepts. Every year, we aim to have a fun activity to accompany the motto, which takes up one aspect and in which all participants can take part.

In keeping with the theme, we are organising an auction this year! Our speakers are invited to bring items that have something to do with them or with re:publica. Among other things, there will be a No Angels CD from the Galerie Arschgeweih or a special surprise from El Hotzo, but also some treasures from the community, off-stage artworks and "legacy objects" from the re:publica fund - including rare and long-lost stickers, baker's crates or chapters of our legendary Moby Dick installation from rp19, which we will pull out of the archives for you.

The auction items will be collected over the three days of the festival. You can see them in a showcase in the Home Base before they are auctioned off in the Trödelhalle on Wednesday afternoon.

For each object auctioned, there will be a small re:publica CASH card. The highest bidder can pick it up in exchange for the donated amount. You transfer your donation via online banking directly on site at Home Base. The proceeds of the auction will go to KuB (Kontakt- und Beratungsstelle), a non-profit initiative in Berlin that offers low-threshold support services for young people whose centre of life is the street.

Strictly speaking, it is not an auction, but rather a ceremonial donation. Auctioneers are appointed with binding power and their hammer weighs heavily. But our auctioneer Jens Balzer will definitely bring the necessary dignity to the stage. Be there and bid for a new favourite object!

And another tip: If you are interested in art and cash, you should not miss the keynote by Lena Winter. The auctioneer talks about the art market and what makes it tick, about the difference between price and value and how to stay cool when the picture above your sofa is suddenly worth several thousand euros.