#rp22 Speaker Malcolm Ohanwe: New Perspectives

03.06.2022 - The journalist, translator and moderator brings new perspectives from the German media scene to the re:publica stage.
Porträtfoto von Malcolm Ohanwe
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Özgün Turgut

TV presenter on the ard-alpha programme "RESPEKT", host on the SWR podcast "Sack Reis - Was geht dich die Welt an?", reporter for the BR programme "Zündfunk", cameraman, reporter and author for the ZDF political programme #trending and the foreign journal, host, editor and producer of the funk podcast "Kanackische Welle", translator of the book "Mask Off" (German title: "Sei kein Mann") by JJ Bola and currently translating the book "The Antiracist Kid" by Tiffany Jewell...

These are just some of the latest projects Malcolm Ohanwe is currently working on.
We are all the more pleased that he has found the time to once again discuss and present urgent topics such as gender images in journalism or new German perspectives in the podcast landscape on the re:publica stage.

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3 Questions for… Malcolm Ohanwe

In preparation for his sessions at #rp22, we asked Malcolm three questions.

What topic will you be talking about at #rp22?                                        I'm presenting two sessions at re:publica 22. I'm giving a keynote about my research into the experiences of journalists who have been accused of lacking professionalism because, for example, they have a lisp, are too effeminate, too "chavvy" or otherwise fall outside a norm of what some elites consider respectable and serious. I also curated a panel on new German perspectives in the podcast world. When we started with our now funk podcast "Kanackische Welle", there weren't many podcasts dealing with society beyond a white German perspective, now there are countless! Besides re:publica, I'm currently writing a non-fiction book about masculinity, editing a foreign reportage for SWR, hosting a great new programme for arte and also working on my first documentary film. I'm also translating my second book! So a lot going on.

What have you missed out on in the past two years and think is in urgent need of a reboot?                                                                  Loving personal communication has been neglected. The calculated misunderstanding, the lack of paternalism in judging, I think personally things would happen much more harmoniously and respectfully with more loving personal communication. The tone on social media and messenger services is just so much harsher and so much love is lost. I'm incredibly grateful, for example, that I've won a few media awards since February 2020, but I've almost not been able to accept one in person and go to a gala or something with my parents because it's all been under such weird zoom-call-social-
Distancing events. There's just a bit of heart lost there. What clearly needs a reboot is the way and the urgency with which German media talk about human rights violations against non-European civilians.

The motto of #rp22 refers to the last line of the Queen song "Bohemian Rhapsody". Which song do you think should definitely be included in a karaoke session at #rp22 and why? 
DEFINITELY BRANDY'S ALBUM "FULL MOON". It is the building block for a lot of the biggest and most successful pop music we hear today. I had to painfully learn that one of the most successful rappers of our time named Jack Harlow, didn't even know who she was. That's a shame. Every musician needs to be familiar with Brandy's voice!!!!!!


Neue Deutsche Perspektiven in Podcasts

Malcolm Ohanwe, Njette Mädchen Podcast, Mohamed Ahmad Chahrour , Frank Joung, Merve Kayikci, Lisa-Marie Idowu lissi_ix

Sie heißen Njette Mädchen, Chai Society, Brücken Bauen, Heimatmysterium, Rice & Shine, Kanackische Welle, Redlektion, Bin ich süßssauer, Masolo, Halbe Katoffl, BBQ - Black Brown Queer Podcast oder Clanland und sind mittlerweile bei großen Medienpartnern angekommen oder indie ganz groß unterwegs und fester Bestandteil der Medien-Szene.
Stage 5
Panel discussion

Das Prinzip der Respektabilität: Was ist eigentlich professionell?

Malcolm Ohanwe

Respektabilität, Akzente, Queerness, Frisuren und Geschlechterbilder im Journalismus: Warum müssen "professionelle" Sprecher:innen eigentlich immer Anzüge tragen oder haben denselben Duktus? Warum dürfen sich Frauen vermeintlich modisch mehr ausleben? Welche Frisur gilt als adrett und seriös, welcher Slang ist angemessen für eine:n Journalist:in?
Stage 3
Live Übersetzung