#rp24 speaker Bruno Kramm: How AI is transforming music production

28.03.2024 - The start-up CEO and co-founder of the band "Das Ich" discusses with us the influence of artificial intelligence on artists and the music industry.
Bruno Kramm trägt einen Cowboyhut und streckt seine geöffnete Hand in Richtung Kamera.
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Generative music was already utilising algorithmic composition techniques in the last century. Artificial intelligence and machine learning as tools in mixdown and mastering have been an integral part of music production for many years. Today, generative AI writes music, sings and creates acoustic soundscapes – customised for content producers.

At re:publica 24, musician and Infinite AI Audio CEO Bruno Kramm talks about AI innovations in music production, their influence on musicians and the reception of music. Is the machine replacing or complementing its human counterpart? How close are we to AI that composes and performs on its own – and how does this technology affect musicians of different generations? How is music education changing? Is new diversity emerging – or will everything sound more and more similar?

Bruno wrote his first computer game in 1984 at the age of 17 on the Commodore 64 and won a "Golden Disc" and a dot matrix printer from CHIP magazine. Five years later, he founded Danse Macabre, one of the first German alternative music labels, and continues to tour the world with his band Das Ich to this day. In the mid-1990s, he was involved in the founding of the first private Internet provider in Upper Franconia, Spektracom. He successfully took legal action before the German Federal Court of Justice against publishers' participation in GEMA licences and was actively involved in organising the protests against Article 13 in Berlin. As CEO of the start-up Infinite AI Audio, he develops the open source AIoT platform "infinimesh" and audio AI applications for the security sector. Together with Tristan Behrens, he researches AI composition tools and heads the Culture Working Group of KI Verband Deutschland e.V. (German AI Association).

In his session, which will be accompanied by an AI music improvisation on a real Ukrainian cimbalom, Bruno will tell us more about generative AI, music production and the resurrection of dead musicians using machine learning. We are looking forward to his exciting input at #rp24!

Wie KI die Musikproduktion transformiert

Bruno Kramm

Ein Vortrag zu den technologischen KI Audio Innovationen in der Musikproduktion. Welchen Einfluss hat KI auf Musiker und wie verändert sich die Rezeption von Musik? Verdrängt oder ergänzt der künstliche Musiker sein menschliches Pendant?
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