The Startup Area 2 at #r23: Berlin FinTechs

16.05.2023 - Presented by "Projekt Zukunft" of the Berlin Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises

In keeping with this year's re:publica motto "Cash", ten Berlin-based startups from the FinTech sector that have a significant influence on the further development of technologies in the financial sector will present themselves at #rp23. In the Startup Area 2 in the Arena Hall, you can get to know technological financial innovations and network with the startup teams on site. In addition to the discussion rounds on our stages, ten exciting programme highlights on the topic of FinTech await you daily at the start-ups' booths.

Meet these startups:

  • Celo: Founders Marek Olszewski, Rene Reinsberg and Sep Kamvar have created a platform for a carbon-negative financial system.
  • ecoligo: The startup of Martin Baart and Markus Schwaninger responds to the climate crisis with sustainable investments.
  • ecolytiq: Founded by Ulrich Pietsch and David Lais, personal environmental impacts can be calculated here on the basis of payment transactions.
  • ImpactNexus: The reporting and impact management software of the founders Jannic Horne, Constanze Trautwein, Marie-Sophie Litz and Alexander Schabel accelerates the sustainability shift in companies.
  • LOOMPACT: With their platform, René Wienholtz and Ilko Thun simplify the creation of corporate reports on sustainability goals.
  • Raisin: With his startup, Tamaz Georgadze is a pioneer for innovative financial products.
  • U Impact: Co-founder Lesley Li supports investors on their path to sustainable transformation.
  • Unstoppable Finance: Peter Grosskopf, Maximilian von Wallenberg and Omid Aladini offer a mobile wallet for trading cryptocurrencies.
  • Yapu Solutions: Founded by Christoph Jungfleisch, Yapu Solutions provides solid resilience finance portfolios.
  • Pile Capital: The startup by Balazs Deme and Jessica Holzbach sells wealth management solutions.


At the booths in the Startup Area, there will be keynote speeches, panels, workshops, tutorials and much more to discover on all three days of the festival.

The topic Sind Blockchains eine Alternative zu unserem Finanzsystem? Über Sinn und Unsinn einer polarisierenden Technologie (Are blockchains an alternative to our financial system? Sense and nonsense of a polarising technology) will be discussed with Peter Grosskopf and others in the outdoor area of the Festsaal Kreuzberg on 6 June at 1 pm.  David Lais, Lesley Li & Lubomila Jordanova will talk about Cash or cashless on 5 June at 12:30 pm on Stage 2



The Startup Areas at #rp23 are presented by "Projekt Zukunft" of the Berlin Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises (SenWEB) to promote cross-sector innovation and initiate new networks. Also discover Startup Area 1 and get to know ten exciting female founders from Berlin and their enterprises.




Cash or cashless? Who cares! It’s about how money and the finance industry can be a catalyst for the sustainability transformation.

David Lais, Lubomila Jordanova, Lesley Li, Alexander Langer

In the last few years, financial service providers have increasingly been constrained to adapt to the new kid on the block: climate change. 

Yet a new banking era is on the rise and most still fail to see the role and, frankly, the gold mine the financial sector is sitting on when it comes to achieving an effective sustainability transformation.
Live Übersetzung

Sind Blockchains eine Alternative zu unserem Finanzsystem? Über Sinn und Unsinn einer polarisierenden Technologie

Peter Grosskopf, Carola Westermeier, Nadine Graf

Ist ein dezentrales Geldsystem möglich und welche Veränderungen würde die Blockchain Technologie für das globale Finanzsystem zur Folge haben? Über den Sinn und Unsinn dieser Technologie diskutiert Nadine Graf (t3n) in dieser Session mit Peter Grosskopf (Unstoppable Finance) und Carola Westermeier (Sozialwissenschaftlerin, Universität Gießen).