Tocotronic LIVE at the re:publica 22 x TINCON

24.05.2022 - Exclusive live concert for #rp22 on 10 June at Festsaal Kreuzberg
Die Band Tocotronic posiert um ein braunes Ledersofa.
Photo Credit
Gloria Endres de Oliveira/Tocotronic

The re:publica 22 ends with an exclusive live concert! On 10 June at 9pm TOCOTRONIC will play for you at Festsaal Kreuzberg!

In the past, young people started playing guitar by learning the riff of Smoke On The Water and the chords for the traditional House Of The Rising Sun. Today, when they start playing instruments, they like to be spurred on by songs by Tocotronic.

This rebellious and cheerfully creative band exerts a palpable influence everywhere in this country. Musically and fashionably, it provides boys and men with the self-confidence that Madonna continues to pass on to girls and women today. Guitarist Rick McPhail finds concise narrative tones with ease. He places them like dots and commas on and between verses and choruses. This is how he transforms a draft into a song.
The bassist Jan Müller has a romantic relationship to music that is apart from time. He is the most open-minded rock fan of the band. His bass sounds like the eye of the storm in the songs of Tocotronic.
Drummer Arne Zank sometimes travels to the other side of the globe to discover sounds like rare butterflies. Then he returns as a musical antipode to present interesting, strange soundscapes in pleasant bars in Berlin-Kreuzberg.
Singer Dirk von Lowtzow gets up in the morning and has one song ready. He has breakfast and has a second song ready. Then he goes around the block and maybe makes a quick phone call. When he returns home at noon, the demo version of a third song is as good as recorded.

We can't wait to celebrate the end of #rp22 with Tocotronic and you! Be there!