A Citizens' Struggle: combatting disinformation by self-organised online communities. Perspectives from Ukraine

Mauritius Dorn, Mykola Kozlenko, Anton Protsiuk, Friederike von Franque

Platforms are struggling to fight false and misleading content as disinformation actors and tactics become ever more sophisticated. How does community governance work to manage these risks? What are other possibitities? Listen to first hand experience from Wikimedia Ukraine and learn about tactics and possible actions from ISD.

Wikipedia is the only top 10 website in the world where content is entirely maintained by a community. It is also an important source of facts and knowledge about any major global development. Communities of editors and contributors put care and effort in ensuring that the information presented is true, factual and well documented also under rapidly evolving circumstances. What are the key mechanisms for transparency and good collective enforcement of rules? How does community governance manage risks of disinformation?

Anton Protsiuk and Mykola Kozlenko from Wikimedia Ukraine will present cases and stories illustrating these efforts around articles, imagery and conversations between editors. Mauritius Dorn, from the Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD), will give a broader overview of the disinformation situation with a focus on Kremlin propaganda and monetarization of disinformation before presenting strategies for dealing with disinformation campaigns.

foto_mauritius dorn
Senior Digital Policy & Education Manager
Mykola Kozlenko in front of a Wikipedia banner
Vice-Chair of Board
Friederike von Franqué vor grünem Hintergrund
Referentin EU und Internationale Regelsetzung