Mauritius Dorn

Senior Digital Policy & Education Manager
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Mauritius Dorn is Senior Digital Policy and Education Manager at ISD Germany. He coordinates digital policy recommendations and leads Project AHEAD - an independent information and dialogue series aimed at policymakers, academia and civil society to provide an integrated understanding of hybrid threats with a focus on disinformation. He also supports the Digital Policy Lab (DPL). Previously, Mauritius taught as an educator in the Business Council for Democracy (#BC4D) on hate speech, disinformation and conspiracy narratives. In his work for ISD Germany, he co-authored the reports “Bundestagswahl 2021 - Eine Evaluation der Regeln gegen digitale Bedrohungen“ and “Digitale Gewalt und Desinformation gegen Spitzenkandidat:innen vor der Bundestagswahl 2021.“

Prior to joining ISD Germany, Mauritius was a political consultant advising public and private sector clients on their public affairs strategies in the field of digital economy and policy. He holds a Double MSc in Global Media and Communications from the London School of Economics and Political Sciences and Fudan University in Shanghai, and a BA in Sociology, Politics and Economics from Zeppelin University.