Web3 & Creativity. Create, Collaborate, Belong. Blockchain as social connective

Barbara Cueto, Severin Matusek

What is the radical potential of blockchain anyways? This conversation between Barbara Cueto and Severin Matusek will delve into the opportunities decentralised ledger technology for creatives, delving into the new forms of governance, ownership and distribution and how this transformation gives raise to new social imaginaries

In this talk with Barbara Cueto and Severin Matusek titled "Web3 & Creativity. Create, Collaborate, Belong", we will explore the intersection of blockchain technology and creative practices. We will delve into the potential of using blockchain as a social connective, creating new structures of belonging that facilitate innovative models of cooperation between creatives and audiences.

Blockchain technology has captured the attention of many, not only for its potential to revolutionize the financial sector, but also for its power to reshape community development. At its core, blockchain is a decentralized, transparent and immutable ledger, and its structure and properties make it an ideal tool for fostering trust, accountability and cooperation among individuals and organizations. Among the many potential applications, one that has generated significant interest is the use of blockchain-based tokens as a kin mechanism. By creating and distributing tokens that represent resources, services or other benefits, communities can incentivize members to contribute, collaborate and achieve common goals in a fair and efficient manner. Whether it is funding public goods, supporting local businesses or providing social services, blockchain-based tokens have the potential to enable new forms of collective action and empowerment. However, realizing this potential requires careful consideration of the social, economic and political implications of token systems, as well as the technical challenges of designing secure and scalable platforms. As blockchain technology continues to evolve, it is crucial that we explore its full potential as a tool for community development and seek out new ways to harness its power for the public good.

At this talk, you will discover how blockchain can act as a catalyst for creative collaboration, empowering creatives to develop new ideas, projects, and approaches to content creation. We will explore Blockchain technology's capacity of fostering a new forms of participation and more nuanced sense of community attuned to the post-digital society, encouraging collaboration and creativity.