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Mike Shorter

Mike has worked as a Researcher, Creative Technologist, Product Designer, Craftsperson and Innovation Strategist. Across all these roles he consistently explores technology with reflective and playful processes in order to make meaningful objects and experiences.

He uses design thinking methodologies and early experimental and innovative technology to design better, more distinctive and more efficient products that add value to our world. He also works to understand how to embed innovation, collaboration and design thinking into the workplace to maximise creativity and impact.

Throughout his career he has pivoted between the worlds of academia and industry and has an understanding of how both operate, and more importantly, how they can work together.

Mike is currently working on the VA-PEPR research project with Northumbria University. This project explores how voice assistants change our practices and routines in everyday life within the context of Switzerland.


Speak up! Exploring Decentralised Voice Assistant Futures through Speculative Design

Mike Shorter, E-M LewJong

Five years ago we were promised the power of voice assistant technology in our lives. This delightful and terrifying prospect exists in over a quarter of German homes, but has failed to live up to the hype. Come join us to unpack the complexities of these so-called intelligent machines in a speculative design workshop creating the futures we want.
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