Linda Bonyo

CEO & Founder
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Linda Bonyo is a Digital Law expert working on digital policy and Justice innovation within the African Continent. She consults on Digital Identity, Digital Trade Policy and Privacy/Security. She is the CEO & Founder of the Lawyers Hub in Kenya, which is driven by the need for sustainable and inclusive Tech Policy across Africa.  It´s work is focused on Privacy and Data Protection, Artificial intelligence, Intellectual Property, Digital Identity, Internet Governance, Digital Tax and lending, Tech and Democracy. Ms. Bonyo is a Tech Women Fellow 2020, a member of the Real Facebook Oversight Board, and was globally awarded in 2020 as a Good ID community champion on Privacy. As a thought leader in Tech regulation, she has appeared on various international and local media including the BBC, Deutsche Welle, France 24 and aptly spoken at international fora notably the Internet Governance Forum, Council of Europe and to select members of the German parliament on tech, regulation and entrepreneurship. Linda is a passionate policy innovator and sits at the cusp of Technology, Society and Law.


Beating the gender bias in AI!

Linda Bonyo, Kathleen Ziemann, Katharina Klappheck

AI is on the rise and immensely transforming our everyday lives. But persisting biases in datasets and models of AI applications increase the underrepresentation of women. This issue is especially pressing for women in the Global South, who are bearing the brunt of these inequalities. What answers do the BMZ and its feminist digital policy offer?
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Panel discussion