Lena Bächer

Manager and executer of agriculture / Online Manager / Waitress
Lena Bächer am Teich beim Auswerfen eines Wurfnetzes
Photo credit / Image credit
Thomas Kujat, Oberpfälzer Wald

<> grown up in family farm with agriculture, carp pond culture and an fish restaurant
<> B.Sc. Agriculture (HSWT-Triesdorf)
<> now in programme for M.Sc. Fish Biology, Fisheries and Aquaculture (first University of South Bohemia und Budweis, now HU Berlin)

<> working experience in carp farm, agriculture, trout farm, sturgeon farm, sander RAS
<> freeworking editor for "Fischer & Teichwirt" (professional journal for Aquaculture & Fisheries)