Sharlotte Ainebyoona Kigezo

Community Psychologist
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Maureen Mbingu

Sharlotte A. Kigezo is a mental wellness advocate, psychologist, and spoken word artist. Since 2018, she has been working closely with Platform Africa, a refugee-led NGO located in the Rhino Camp refugee settlement. Her passion for mental wellness has led her to work with sexual minorities, refugees, and interested communities to create awareness of mental health and offer effective & efficient psychosocial support to assist many in starting their healing journeys. As a facilitator and community psychologist with Platform and currently with NGLHRC, she influenced the curation of a trauma guide for the refugee community in Uganda's Rhino Camp settlement. Sharlotte is mostly known for using non-conversational therapeutic ways, such as the use of art, digital spaces, and storytelling to influence mental wellness. With her vast experience in adolescent therapy, personal therapy, group therapy, and peer-to-peer therapy, Kigezo has become a facilitator in these fields, which has in turn grown her skills as a facilitator, mediator and instructor.