Nina Kusber

Managing Director
Nina Kusber
Photo credit / Image credit
Jeb Inge

Nina’s professional journey began in marketing with a focus on branding. She then became a lawyer and discovered her passion in the field of intellectual property. Nina has gotten to know both small and medium-sized businesses as well as bigger corporations and does not only understand daily legal and IP challenges in the corporate world, but also how to build and shape legal and contractual frameworks in order to improve processes.

For many years, Nina focused on open innovation and how IP can be handled in the context of an open innovation platform. While having experience in traditional media licensing - such as in the publishing sector - she also has created new frameworks for legally transferring intellectual property rights in an open innovation environment.

Nina has also accompanied various European Union and global research projects, think tanks and a German trade union in their policy advising and decision making processes. Working with these organizations, she not only advocated for fair working conditions with regard to new and innovative business models and the need for openness towards reforming the law in order to meet changing circumstances in the digital world, but also highlighted the importance of copyright protection of creative works.

Her specialized areas are copyright protection and transfer, open innovation and the platform economy, branding and privacy/GDPR management.

Nina speaks English and German.