Dani Williamson

a blurred background of trees and tan ground; in front a person with brownish-blonde hair, a grey hat, light skin and blue eyes looks directly at the camera. they are wearing a white colloared shirt with a grey and black stripped jumper over that
Photo credit / Image credit
Omri Führer

Dani Williamson is a Haifa-based multidisciplinary artist working within the realms of video art, live AV performance, time-based events and writing. They are an occasional noise maker creating digital, interactive, and celluloid experimental works which explore the tensions between virtual and physical space and how those spaces are experienced by others.

A primary focus of their work investigates questions of “place-ness” and the phenomenology of the in-between. The projects created span from large scale video projections, online writing groups, to 24-hour events that engage surrounding communities, musicians, and immediate locations.