Cathy Bijur

Editorial Director
This is a professional photo of Cathy Bijur. She has dirty blonde hair, glasses, and is wearing a navy blue top.
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Cathy is the Director of Editorial at CTRL+X. She helps envision, build out, and maintain the project management systems of the company and its clients. Her managerial skills are used both internally and externally to manage and oversee the different creative projects and departments within CTRL+X and with clients. She also actively consults on internal branding, voice, and culture decisions; edits both client-facing and internal documents; and assists in content creation.

Cathy’s past experience in the creative sectors, notably as Managing Editor and contributor of LOLA Magazine and Director of Events at Exgirlfriend Gallery, have given her the editorial and management skills that she is currently honing at her current full-time position as Team Coordinator at FUNKE Digital in Berlin.