Timm Wille


I am an Open Source Hardware and Circular Economy activist and renewable engergy engineer from Berlin, Germany. Sharing knowledge and hands-on skills on #OpenTech  and sustainable transformation is my mission and passion since 2013 when I joined the Open Source Ecology movement. Runinng events, talks, workshops and founding initiatives as well as working in the field in South Sudan and Uganda led me to become a trainer and organizer for Open Source Ecology Germany and beyond. I started to research and develope methodes for Open Process Documentation and toolboxes like #ASKotec (Access to Skills and Knowledge open tech emergency case) to shape an innovative and #sustainable future on a global scale. I see sharing knowledge as a form of true democracy and empowerment for the future solutions we need.


#ROSHOP: Responsive Open Source modular Housing Prototype - Creating and Sharing Refugee Innovation and Knowledge

Vuga William, Stephen Kovats, Timm Wille

A presentation on how #ROSHOP Modular House, a media and digital culture informed housing prototype for complex post-conflict and politically unstable environments, was created at the Pagirinya South Sudanese Refugee Settlement in Uganda, as a response to urgent community-use housing needs.
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