Jan Rau

PhD Researcher
Portrait Photo of Jan Rau
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Dominika Radon

Jan Rau is a Researcher in the Media Research Methods Lab at the Leibniz-Institute for Media Research | Hans-Bredow-Institut, working on its (Social) Media Observatory, a project for the Research Institute Social Cohesion. He holds an MSc in the Social Sciences of the Internet from Oxford University and has worked with the Institute for Strategic Dialogue, the Computational Social Science Department at GESIS – Leibniz-Institute for Social Science, Princeton University, and the Computational Propaganda Project at the Oxford Internet Institute. His research to date has centred on topics including echo chambers and polarization, public opinion manipulation, right-wing populism and extremism, and the role of digital media as a counterpublic. Jan draws on this research to formulate policy advice for governments and parliaments, as well as engaging frontline workers, presenting at conferences, and delivering workshops in schools and universities.


Rechtsextremismus im Internet. Was wissen wir und was können wir tun?

Jan Rau, Josefa Francke

Wo stehen wir im Kampf gegen den digitalen Rechtsextremismus? Ein Zwischenbericht aus der Forschung über die digitale Infrastruktur des Rechtsextremismus und über Interventionen und Gegenmaßnahmen. Mit welchen Gefahren sind wir konfrontiert? Was können Gesetze und Gerichte ausrichten? Was passiert in der Präventionsarbeit? Und was könnt ihr tun?
Stage 3