Ulf Buermeyer

Host & Co-Founder
Ulf Buermeyer
Photo credit / Image credit
(c) Jelena von Achenbach

Ulf is probably best known for his weekly podcast on current politics, "Lage der Nation", which he co-hosts with his friend and colleague, Philip Banse. He's also co-founder & member of the board of "Gesellschaft für Freiheitsrechte", an NGO that advances human rights by means of strategic litigation.

Ulf studied law in Leipzig, Berlin & Paris. He had been working at various courts, including the German Federal Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe where he clerked for Justices Hassemer and Vosskuhle. Ulf is currently on leave from his life tenure position on the bench of Berlin's Superior Court for his civil society role at GFF.

Other than in legal issues Ulf is deeply interested in computer science & software engineering. He's been writing software since he got a C64 for his 10th birthday. At present he codes mostly for iOS and builds backends and web applications in PHP. For example, he loves free & open maps, so he wrote MapAlarm, an app that showcases various maps using OpenStreetMap data.