Don't let AI become your enemy… for now.

Shila Rastizadeh, Eric Eitel, Thomas Kornmaier, Timor Kardum

AI tools threaten the business of artists and creatives, it's true. But they can also be valuable tools that make their work easier. In this workshop, we'll go hands-on with tools from a variety of fields - with a focus on text and image generation.
Hands On

In this hands-on session, we want to take the fear out of AI for artists and creatives by showing them and letting them try out how they can use generative AI tools in their work. A particular focus will be on the use of ChatGPT for creative writing and image generators such as Midjourney, but we will also touch on other tools from the fields of video, music and speech.

Please bring your own laptop!

Sylta Fee Wegmann
Autor TV/Film/Audio, AI Kollaborateur
Portrait Timor Kardum
Chief Creative Technologist