Cancelled: Freedom: on earth, mars, or microchip

Eva von Redecker, Aurelie Herbelot

A philosopher and an AI researcher discuss the concept of freedom.

Freedom is the core value of democratic societies, and has fueled emancipatory politics for centuries. Yet current global crises press us to update our conceptual tools. While climate activists remind us that human life itself is dependent on the care we give to our planet, tech giants advocate that our future -- and happiness -- lies beyond Earth. Others, still, put their hopes in the development of Artificial Intelligence, and delegate our dreams of freedom and prosperity to machine learning. So how will we eventually achieve our freedom ideals? Will it be on Earth, Mars, or on a microchip?

In this panel, Eva von Redecker and Aurelie Herbelot take the concept of freedom apart and evaluate how the current political and technological developments contribute (or undermine) the life we all wish for.