Hien Dien

German-Vietnamese artist HIỀN ĐIÊN, a member of the Berlin-based crew Femme Bass Mafia, has been immersed in the world of bass music since their youth. They have developed a profound appreciation for various electronical music genres since then.
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HIỀN ĐIÊN's mixes blend diverse bass genres including electro, dubstep, drum and bass, jungle, juke, footwork, hard drums, global bass and jersey club, fusing them with other captivating sounds and genres. Their signature style is characterized by an eclectic and unconventional sound. Moreover they try to empower marginalised groups as QT*I*BIPoC and FLINTA* though their music. In their musical journey, they continuously explore various music scenes across the globe, valuing how music amplifies the visibility of underground and marginalized groups, while also serving as a unifying force that connects people worldwide. DJ HIỀN ĐIÊN is particularly influenced by the underground music of Southeast Asia, notably Nhạc Gẫy, as it inspires them to edefine their own roots. The music HIỀN ĐIÊN plays carries a profound vibration and polyrhythmic quality, creating a deep connection between their body and mind. They strive to convey this immersive experience to their audience, inviting them into a state of letting go and losing control, while maintaining focused listening and embracing the embodiment of music in a permanent changing of sound. Listeners often describe DJ HIỀN ĐIÊN's sets as a source of delightful surprises and unexpected