How Toilets Connect the Universe

Ariane Krause, Anastasia Papangelou, Lisa Deutsch, Tanja Wente

Wherever there are people, there need to be toilets. And a way of dealing with what we leave behind. Ideally, a climate-friendly and resource-conserving one. This is a challenge that unites us all. But how can we achieve sustainable sanitation? A panel on the connection between toilets, sustainability, resources and the climate.

The UN Sustainable Development Goal #6 aims for clean water and sustainable sanitation for all. While some people have no access to a toilet at all, in other regions of the world, we flush our leftovers down the drain with 8 liters of drinking water. Out of sight, out of mind? Sanitation is a global issue that connects us all. To achieve SDG 6, we need to create access where sanitation does not yet exist, on the one hand; and on the other, sustainably transform linear established sanitation systems. We need circular sanitation systems that conserve resources and climate. 

In this panel, we look at the connections between toilets, resources, and climate in an international context from three different perspectives. We talk about why access to toilets and building and rebuilding sustainable, circular sanitation systems are so important. We highlight the challenges and opportunities of sustainable sanitation for society, highlight solutions, and take a brief look into space. Before the panel, starting at 17:00, Anastasia Papangalou gives a 15-minute lightning talk titled "How poo connects humans to the universe." 

The panel will feature: 

  • Dr. Ariane Krause, Scientist at the Leibniz Institute of Vegetable and Ornamental Crops (IGZ), coordinator of the zirkulierBAR project
  • Anastasia Papangelou, Environmental Engineer at the INRAE - National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and the Environment (France)
  • Lisa Deutsch, PhD Student Inter- and Transdisciplinary Research at the Department of Environmental Social Sciences, Eawag

The panel will be moderated by Tanja Wente from Goldeimer.

This panel is part of Loo:topia, a focus on the sanitation and nutrient transformation (Sanitär- und Nährstoffwende) at re:publica. Loo:topia gives an insight into the world of circular sanitation systems and shows perspectives and practical examples for this vision.

Tanja sitzt im gelben Overall auf einer Trockentoilette von Goldeimer und lächelt in die Kamera. Im Hintergrund sind blühende Sträucher.
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