For the Love of Futures

Maya Van Leemput, Bram Goots

Location: Walkingact

The futures thread at re:publica includes an off-stage activity offered by Agence Future (AF). AF is a long-term collaboration between photographer Bram Goots and futurist Maya Van Leemput. With a unique blend of conversation and image-based approaches they collect, study, co-create, test and share images of the futures. 
Off Stage

At re:publica Agence Future puts on the guise of time-travel agency and independent press agency in search of futures, holding 10-20 minute long ‘street interviews’. We ask passers-by how this year’s festival may push new possibilities for the future forward, what futures of cash could look like and where we might already find a glimpse of such a future today. We close off with a question about the longer term, inviting our interlocutors to imagine meeting up at the same location in Berlin in a hundred years time. 

The recordings of these conversations will added to the AF archive together with images that capture the ideas and glimpses suggested in he interviews, shot in and around the re:publica venues. The crew envisages assembling a short video with an impression of the kinds of futures we find.

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