Cancelled: The State in a Smartphone. How Ukraine is Building the Most Convenient Digital Country

Valeriya Ionan, Geraldine de Bastion

Ukraine strives to become the most convenient digital state in the world, without bureaucracy, queues and corruption. Hear from Ukraine’s Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation how the country plans to digitalize 100% of public services, go absolutely paperless and create digitally-enabled opportunities for all Ukrainians.

The Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine set out in 2019 with the vision to build the “state in a smartphone.” The big idea is that citizens should be able to access public services quickly, conveniently and with just a few clicks. Since then, Ukraine has managed to implement a comprehensive set of digital government services, with over 70 key services available, half the population using the Diia mobile application, and a goal of digitalizing all government services by 2024 – even as the country is fighting for its very existence.

Ukraine’s investment in digital government initiatives has proved invaluable for the remarkable resilience the country has shown since the full-scale Russian invasion. Digital tools like Diia laid the foundations of a new relationship between the state and allowed the government to rapidly introduce new forms of support. Examples include social assistance for internally displaced people and refugees abroad as well as the ability to submit claims for compensation for damaged property. Looking towards the future, Ukraine plans to continue its ambitious transformation agenda by leveraging digital in the recovery and reconstruction of the country.

In this session, Ukraine’s Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation Valeriya Ionan will share
•    …how Ukraine overcame significant organizational and legal challenges and a resistance to change to successfully drive the digital transformation of the state
•    … how a digital-first approach has contributed to Ukraine’s political and economic resilience in the war and what role digital will play in reconstruction and modernization
•    …how digital solutions contribute to more inclusive government services and create opportunities for citizens
•    …how simplifying and automating government processes helps fight corruption and boosts transparency of the public sector

Valeriya Ionan, Deputy Minister at the Ukrainian Ministry of Digital Transformation
Deputy Minister at the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine