War and Crisis Journalism: Unveiling the Unseen

Annie Slemrod, Jordan Bryon, Anna Ramskogler-Witt

Join us in discussing the crucial role of on-site reporting in conflict zones, highlighting journalism's power to bear witness and bridge global understanding. Learn from journalists facing unique challenges reporting amid crises, gaining insights from their firsthand experiences.
Stage 9

Join us for an insightful exploration of on-site reporting's critical role in spotlighting conflict and crisis zones worldwide. In our confersation we will share firsthand experiences, emphasizing journalism's power to witness and bridge global awareness. We'll delve into the challenges and ethical dilemmas faced by frontline reporters risking their lives amidst war's chaos. We'll discuss narrative shaping, ensuring voices from conflicts and crises aren't silenced or misrepresented. Discover how journalism makes people care about distant issues, emphasizing its essential role. Additionally, learn from journalists who've reported on conflicts while living through them. Discover how they navigate psychological trauma, prioritize self-care in extreme conditions, and maintain journalistic integrity amidst uncertainty. Gain insights on journalist safety, mental health, and newsroom support during high-pressure situations. Whether you're in the field or newsroom, this discussion will illuminate the experiences of those sharing stories from conflict, disaster, and unrest zones. Join us to understand the challenges and triumphs of reporting under such extreme circumstances.

Journalist Annie Slemrod
Middle East Editor
Jordan Bryon headshot
Director & Cinematographer