Who cares about international digital policy? What do we expect from the UN Global Digital Compact 2024

Rebecca MacKinnon, Jens Matthias Lorentz, Jeanette Hofmann

2024 is a milestone for international digital policy. The United Nation will agree on a Global Digital Compact with key principles, frameworks and action to govern the Digital Age globally. In this session we want to discuss the expectations for the GDC and who needs a seat at the table.
Stage 3

The role of an UN Envoy on Technology is a fairly recent innovation based on a recommendation in a UN report from 2019. Indian diplomat and digital transformation expert Amandeep Singh Gill has been developing this role since 2022 in increasingly exciting times for global digital policy. He is a driving force behind the UN Secretary-General's new AI Advisory Board, which will publish a final report this year after extensive consultations. And he is a driving force of the process towards the UN Global Digital Compact, which is due to be adopted in September 2024 after almost two years of stakeholder consultations and intergovernmental negotiations.

This session will beginn with an interview with Amandeep Singh Gill and will then merge into a panel to discuss around the hopes and expectations for these globally relevant processes for a sustainable and inclusive digital policy worldwide. The discussion will include a critical view onto Germany's role and responsibilites in this global forum and its contributions to it. 

Rebecca MacKinnon
Vice President, Global Advocacy
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Head of Digital Politics and AI in Foreign Policy Group
Jeanette Hofmann, WZB
Professorin für Internetpolitik / Direktorin