re:publica x Reeperbahn Festival: The Off Stage programme

05.09.2023 - You can expect magical soundscapes, performances, games, exhibitions, and much more!
Radio Atopia
Photo Credit
RADIO ATOPIA/Maximus Schuhrk

At the first re:publica in Hamburg, you can expect not only keynotes, panel discussions and workshops – the large outdoor area in the Festival Village at Heiligengeistfeld also has some great Off Stage programme highlights to offer:

Joining us are JAJAJA, a Hamburg-based life art collective that has been developing immersive stagings, performance concerts and live audio walks in public spaces since 2004. We are looking forward to a total of three radio headphone sound performances on Saturday! With "RADIO ATOPIA", JAJAJA invites you to dive into a spontaneously emerging sonorous community. Together with the sound artists Nova Huta aka Günter Reznicek/Roland Wendling and Tobias Gronau, JAJAJA conjures up magical soundscapes live through the radio headphones, in which the boundaries between performer and audience disappear.

Of course, there will also be a Maker Space. In the Maker Tent of the Bücherhallen Hamburg you can get to know and try out 3D printers, soldering stations and the robots Blue-Bot, Nao and Thymio on Friday and Saturday. Experts from Fab City Hamburg e.V. will show you how to prepare designs from the internet for 3D printing or how to create your own models. You can also make small prints directly on site.

With the Hacker School, you can experience the basics of programming on Friday and Saturday. You'll create fascinating video filters in Scratch that turn your faces into cartoons or emojis. Meanwhile, you'll explore the exciting role that artificial intelligence plays in this process and look behind the scenes of facial recognition at Tiktok and Co. Otherwise, you'll experiment with microcontrollers: For example, you can develop tiny signal lights that protect dolphins from the dangers of fishing nets at night. Or you can programme humidity sensors that not only save water when watering, but also ensure that your plants never go thirsty.

In the Gaming Pagoda, which comes to the #rpRBF with the support of the Initiative Creative Gaming, you can expect a sneak peak of the PLAY23 – Creative Gaming Festival in November on Friday and Saturday. You can help create the multi-monitor installation MarbleMaze and try your hand at barstool-sized "arcade machines". Between pop culture and art, there are also creations to discover in which you slip into the skin of giant monsters or fight for climate protection.

The CORRECTIV editorial team is bringing along another intervention - "How do you want the Reeperbahn to be?" Together, you design a Reeperbahn for the citizens, not the investors: Walk through St. Pauli or across the Reeperbahn, take photos of places and think about what is happening there and what should happen. The data will then be collected in the CORRECTIV CrowdNewsroom and published live at the re:publica x Reeperbahn Festival and on the internet. The digital research platform makes it possible to uncover social injustices together with citizens. The CORRECTIV project "Who owns Hamburg?" already made the housing market more transparent and showed how many buildings are owned by investors. Money and profit determine who builds - it doesn't have to stay that way!

Looking for evidence of the virtual in a world that is disappointingly literal is a interactive multimedia installation with music by Kevin Madison, taking place at Neo House on Friday and Saturday.

"Data Me" is a series that explores post-digital ways of life of nature, man and machine in digital space. The video installation DataMe:DataHorse at Neo House questions the happy virtual body that works tirelessly as a data horse for algorithms on the net to produce and consume a wealth of information - a digital lab loop system.