#rp24 speaker Jean Peters and Justus von Daniels: A secret plan against Germany

12.03.2024 - At re:publica 24, the CORRECTIV editors talk about their research into the close links between AfD politicians and neo-Nazis – and the consequences for society.
Justus von Daniels und Jean Peters tragen beide braune kurze Haare, einen Dreitagebart und Wollpullover
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It was the scoop at the beginning of the year: the research "Secret plan against Germany" reported on a meeting that nobody was supposed to know about. High-ranking AfD politicians, neo-Nazis and financially strong entrepreneurs came together in a hotel near Potsdam in November 2023. They were planning nothing less than the expulsion of millions of people from Germany, a process euphemistically referred to as "remigration".

This research had immediate consequences for social discourse. After the network of neo-Nazis and AfD politicians who were forging a "master plan" to systematically expel people from Germany was uncovered, numerous nationwide demonstrations were held in just a few days, petitions were launched and political Berlin drew clear boundaries. The response was tremendous, especially in civil society.

At re:publica 24, CORRECTIV editor-in-chief Justus von Daniels and author and journalist Jean Peters report on the secret plan research and its consequences.

Justus is Head of CORRECTIV. Based in Berlin, he leads the network for collaborative and investigative journalism. He organized the Crowd-based project „Who owns the city“, which ran in eight cities, and set up the Correctiv.Lokal network. Before joining CORRECTIV in 2015 as an investigative reporter focusing on international trade, lobbyism or corruption, he worked as a freelance journalist for Der Tagesspiegel and Die Zeit. He is a trained lawyer and obtained a PhD in 2009.

Jean is an investigative journalist for CORRECTIV and led the research "Secret Plan Against Germany". Jean co-founded the Peng Collective and the Seebrücke movement, and worked as a researcher and author for the late night show ZDF Magazin Royale. His book "Wenn die Hoffnung stirbt, geht's trotzdem weiter" (When hope dies, the journey continues anyway) with stories about subversive resistance was published in 2021.

At #rp24, we look forward to Jean and Justus' exciting insights into the network of the alt-right and the “secret plan” research.