#rp24 speaker Mohamed Amjahid: Let’s talk about Sex, Habibi!

22.02.2024 - The author and reporter invites us to a radical change of perspective at re:publica 24.
Mohamed trägt einen hellen Trenchcoat. Er steht vor einigen Bäumen und Büschen.
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Antoine Midant

Ever since the so-called "New Year's Eve in Cologne" in 2015, during which numerous physical and sexual assaults took place, the desire of people in North Africa has been the focus of German far-right campaigns. The freelance investigative reporter and author Mohamed Amjahid believes that it is time to describe the diverse realities of life and love of Muslim people beyond colonial stereotypes.

As a speaker at re:publica 24, he will counter right-wing extremist projections on the bodies of racialised people with a lecture on the "desire of the others". Members of vulnerable minorities - especially Muslim people - are sometimes portrayed as "ultra-prude" and hypersexualised in the established media or on the lecterns of German parliaments, sometimes as a danger "to our women". It is only this systematic marginalisation that provides a breeding ground for ethnic hate groups in Europe to prepare and publicly communicate their violent plans. 

So how can we change our perspective and narrate the realities of life and love of the "others"? In contrast to North Africa, where Mohamed grew up and has been travelling as a reporter for more than a decade, parts of German society resemble a desert of sexual enlightenment. Mohamed is convinced: "From Casablanca to Cairo - now everyone has to be strong - people are having sex, good sex, consensual sex. They talk and argue about it, and just have fun.

Mohamed Amjahid is a freelance investigative reporter and author. He researches and writes for various media such as Der Spiegel, Süddeutsche Zeitung, WDR and RBB. In his reports and texts, he deals with upheavals in North Africa and the Middle East, right-wing extremist structures in Germany and the topics of displacement and migration. He is also a culinary columnist for Monopol Magazin and ZEITmagazin Online. His most recent publication is the book "Let's Talk About Sex, Habibi. Love and Desire from Casablanca to Cairo". You can find him on Instagram under @m_amjahid

At #rp24, we look forward to Mohamed's inspiring insights into the realities of life and love among people of colour.



#WhoCares: An interview with Mohamed Amjahid.

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